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About the Founder

Having spent the past 17 years perfecting his interest in philosophy, combined with his true passion of helping others...

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Innovation Centre,
Commerce House,
Telford Road, Bicester
OX26 4LD
United Kingdom

Tel: 01869 255 781


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Our Products & Services...

If you want to discover...*

  • Your Passion in life, your Dream job
  • How to get the Relationships and Lifestyle you want
  • How to discover the 'real' you and what it is you're truly able to experience
  • How you can live a happier and more rewarding Life
  • How to get your life back on track...

Our revolutionary new approach means that we are able to show you exactly, how you too can live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life; the life you truly want - and help you do so in the shortest possible time too.

Essentially, look upon us as driving instructors, just 'life' orientated, here to get you from the life you are currently experiencing... to the one that you truly want.


A detailed, easy to follow, step by step, 5 week, online, mentored program. Designed to build upon what you already know to get you the changes and the life you want - but in a highly accelerated way. Plus an assigned Mentor to help and answer questions » Click here for more info...

And lastly, get yourself a Mentor!

The perfect 1 to 1 service for those looking for a more tailored solution. Whether you're looking for a face to face, telephone or correspondence solution, in the first instance to find out more » Click here

If you are not quite sure what to do...

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You will gain an insight and understanding as to exactly how, and more importantly why, you are able to get the life you truly want. Utilise the included step by step guide, and give it a go yourself.

To discover more about Noel Walkers original work...

A short journey of self discovery,
that will change your thinking and more importantly, your life.

Get the life you want cover

View cover (369kb)

Look inside (310kb)

£21.99 RRP

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Please note: since the launch of the Get The Life You Want pocket guide the original book is now only available to those who are working with a Mentor or who have enrolled onto FastTrack. For more info click here

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Let this year be YOUR year.

TODAY... do something different 1st just checkout the FREE video » click here

We want you to succeed and our message is clear and simple - helping you Get The Life You so truly Want means not only are you able to lead a more fulfilling one but so too, is everyone else as a result of you doing so.

You too will soon appreciate that life isn't a battle - it is just that you are currently making a small number of incorrect assumptions / connections, however sort those out and you too will then be able to get the life that you so truly want AND so very much more.

We look forward to working with you.

Regards & Best Wishes

The OpenLeaf Team.

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