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About the Founder

Having spent the past 17 years perfecting his interest in philosophy, combined with his true passion of helping others...

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Innovation Centre,
Commerce House,
Telford Road, Bicester
OX26 4LD
United Kingdom

Tel: 01869 255 781


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Why read the book, can't I just get on with things and get myself a Coach?
Yes you can, but we would strongly advise reading the book first, or at least give it a go, in order to give you a grounding! However, we do appreciate that many people;

  • Just do not have the time to read it;
  • Find talking it through suits their style better or;
  • Because of a recommendation, they just want to get on with things.
That's fine... but we would still recommend that you checkout the FREE video first » click here

How long does it take for me to Get The Life That I Want?
You will know usually within the first 1 - 2 sessions exactly what you need to do, and what it is you need to address in order to get the life that you want, incredible we know. But usually within 2 to 3 weeks most people find changes happening, and truly significant ones, a few weeks after that.

What is so different about OpenLeaf's Coaches?
Our process utilises an all inclusive methodology. We work from a framework that is all encompassing because we know the necessary connections required can only ever come about after one has gained a greater understanding as to how ALL is connected. Why? Because we all know, deep down, if you want to be truly happy, then this must be reflected in ALL areas of your life, for example one cannot be happy... and unwell, or have the 'perfect job' and a disastrous relationship and so on. So, irrespective of whether your current issue is related to:
  • Work;
  • Relationships;
  • Self-image;
  • Health;
  • Life fulfilment;
Or any other area where you are not experiencing joy, it makes no difference. Everything is connected; consequently we address all areas of your life.

What will an OpenLeaf Life Coach do for me?
They are here to teach, guide and work with you in order to get you the life that you want. Look upon them as a 'best friend', a 'sounding board', as 'life's driving instructors'.

Will I have to keep coming back?
No, once your understanding is increased along with the life skills we will teach you, they will last you a lifetime. But importantly, you also need to appreciate that once you discover what your niche in life is, the thing that you are passionate about doing and your place in the overall scheme of things - you won't need anything else because you will find yourself being intrinsically driven to do the things that you do, consequently you will automatically find yourself moving along the right path for you.

How much does it cost?
This is a difficult question to answer as it is dependent upon progress and the number of sessions you have with our Coaches, but on average, around £450 over a 12 month period - which is less than a £9 p.w. The thing is, you only pay for what you need, that's it, there is no contract or any hidden charges and although it is often less, it is worthwhile taking a moment or two out to consider what it is you are in fact investing in - the answer, you, and also in quantifying what are you are looking to get in return; a life that you truly want - a result of you living your life in a way that enables you to realise your full potential!

If you are still in two minds, checkout the FREE video » click here. It will give you an insight as to what we do, then you can decide if you too want to accelerate things.

Can I really get the life I want?
Yes, now, you most certainly can. From discovering your purpose in life to experiencing on-going fulfillment. Why? because you have the potential to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life - it is after all, what we all strive to do. Consequently, it is simply just a case of discovering how to do so more effectively, and that is exactly what we, at OpenLeaf, are able to now do so well.

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