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About the Founder

Having spent the past 17 years perfecting his interest in philosophy, combined with his true passion of helping others...

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Innovation Centre,
Commerce House,
Telford Road, Bicester
OX26 4LD
United Kingdom

Tel: 01869 255 781


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About us

"We are an open and friendly company
that will always make you feel welcome."

OpenLeaf Life Coaching and Mentoring

Whether you currently realise it or not, you have the potential to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life, a life that has passion, purpose and meaning at its very core and more importantly, one where you too, are able to experience all that you so truly want. From the work you do, the relationships you have,/span>, to getting the things you want out of life. Sounds too good to be true?...............Well, it's not, checkout the FREE video » click here

  • It took the Founder nearly 17 years to come up with this revolutionary line of thinking and step by step program, now detailed in his book 'Get The Life You Want' (to see Reviews » click here).

  • OpenLeaf was setup for those readers who wanted help accelerating the process - of bringing about the lives they so truly wanted.

Our team of personal coaches and mentors are dedicated to helping people get the lives they so truly want - in the shortest possible time. We are passionate about what we do and would like nothing better than to also help you do exactly the same.

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The life you currently experience is one you have brought about because of the choices YOU have made... discover TODAY how to start making the best choices for you.

We once thought the world was flat, and the atom the smallest thing... What would you do if we told you that you, as an individual, have a far greater framework to operate out of than the one you have created for yourself over the years? One that will enable you to discover and realise your true potential, and in so doing, enable you get the life that you would truly love to have.

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  • What we do is different,
  • Our approach unique,
  • Basically a mixture of heightened understanding and application
  • We work with you... and we get results.

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So whether it is:

  • One's purpose;
  • Work related or relationship based e.g. moving on in life;
  • Getting the work or relationship you want;
  • Self-development;
  • Self-understanding;
  • Discovery of one's gifts, talents and abilities;
  • Finding your niche in life;
  • Getting the things you want out of life;
  • To your place within the overall scheme of things, understanding how all connects and more importantly, why are you experiencing what you are and how can you experience all that you want.

Our objective is to get you there, to a life where purpose, passion and fulfilment are the order of the day.

Where, ever greater degrees of health, wealth and happiness are continually experienced too. All is laid out for you in our course, check out the FREE video » click here. IF after that you would like additional help, the one-to-one, deeply personal relationship with a mentor will simply speed up the process by supporting and guiding you until success is reached.

The beauty is we know what your ultimate goal is - a fulfilling life, we know that you have potential and the ability to realise it through your gifts, talents and abilities, we know what the rewards are for doing so, great work, great relationships, great life, and we also know which markers to use to measure true progress made. Our passion in life is to help you.

Our clients often only have a vague idea of what they want, often asking just "Is there more than this to my life?" or, they have a very specific idea of their goal, such as "I want to start up a new business, but want to find out if it's for me or if I have the right potential to start it, and make it a success", to discover the perfect role or relationship for themselves.

9 out of 10 clients admit they are a lot more focused and goal-orientated after the first course.
8 out of 10 admit that they have a very clear idea of what they want, the vast majority also changing what they initially wanted to something that now has a far greater importance.
9 out of 10 admitted that they were on the right path to learning how to make the right decisions in any new circumstances but more importantly, they felt that the logical, reasonable explanation put forward was in fact an incredibly solid base to operate off. Interestingly practically all were able to empathize with so many of the points covered, and it was how they were connected that made the difference.

If this is achieved after one course, imagine what you can achieve after just an individual session with a personal coach, whose only client in that meeting is you, and whose only objective is fast tracking you to getting the life that you want.

Our courses can help you:

  • Develop a crystal clear appreciation of who you are, what you are able to do and how you are able to get the life that you want - then the coach's aim is to help you get it!

  • Different people want different things out of our programs for example:

    * Developing a goal-orientated mindset - but on the right lines;

    * Focus your mind better on what you want to achieve;

    * Achieve a more balanced lifestyle;

    * Feel more energy and vitality and less stress;

    * Attain higher self-esteem;

    * Experience a more daring attitude towards challenges;

    * Learn to tell right intuitions from wrong and make the right decisions in new circumstances;

    * Move on with life, addressing areas that cause friction and pain to developing areas that resonate with you, enabling interest, joy and purpose to be experienced;

    * Get a better, more fulfilling job;

    * Start a successful business or bring more prosperity to an existing one;

    * Grow a stronger relationship, or find a better more complimentary one, and then, bring it about;

    * Mend a broken heart by learning how to cope with separation, loss of love and grief -understanding how it's happened, why it's happened and why you feel the way you do; like everything there is a reason, increasing understanding is the key to keeping things in perspective - and enabling you to move on with peace in your heart and get back on track to getting the life you want;

    * Become better parents, discover the most appropriate framework to give children, and you, the greatest opportunities for success, success in our terms is being able to live a wholesome, fulfilling and rewarding life;

    * Meet new friends and socialise within a network of like-minded people;

To name but a few...

We are passionate about the work we do. We also believe that we are all equal and we are all connected, consequently, in doing what we do, we believe, we benefit too as a result of getting you the life that you want.

And equally, we believe that the more fulfilling our lives become, the more civilised our society becomes as a result too, and by civilised, we use the following standard.

"A civilisation is more advanced insofar
as it offers the maximum number of choices
to the maximum number of people, irrespective of class."

- Anon.

As you can see we are very passionate about what we do!

YOU hold the keys to being able to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life, WE, at OpenLeaf, are here to help you do so.

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